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Hello! I'm Rebecca Bauer, and I'm based in Nashville, Tennessee - Franklin to be exact. I am a marketing communications professional experienced in the arts, entertainment and non-profit industries. I'm passionate about creativity, live performance, memorable experiences, storytelling and making a positive difference in the community. Music and horses are often weaved in there.

Rebecca Bauer



I am originally from Potomac, Maryland.  

Degrees held: Master of Science in Marketing,  Johns Hopkins University 2002 & Bachelor of Arts in Management, Hood College

I lost both my parents in my twenties, likely giving me my sense of independence and "no looking back" view on the world.

In 2000, I packed all my belongings up and headed south to Nashville - with my horse in tow - to start a new life adventure.

I discovered a love for the country and horses at a very young age. I believe I was born with that in my blood.

My family was very musical - my dad was a music educator. My first music lesson was on the piano. I cried at my first recital.

In fourth and fifth grade, I took flute lessons and played in the county youth orchestra.


While I appreciated music and could pick up an instrument, horses and sports ultimately won me over for after-school activities. Luckily, my dad had only rented the flute.

I played goalie and forward in soccer, pitcher in softball and ran short distance in track. I could sprint faster than a lot of the boys in my neighborhood. 

I am a huge fan of major league baseball. Nashville needs a team!

I have been riding horses since I was seven. Riding around a course of jumps is one of the greatest highs I ever known. 

I found my true love for music on the radio while hitting record on the cassette player - can you say mixtapes? And, in the record store. I worked for three of them.

Yes, I am old enough to have worked in record stores. Best job ever.

Hard rock, heavy metal, teased hair...yep, that was me.

I owned a small farm with horses in my backyard. Best view ever.

I realized horses are more than just sport and recreation, they are teachers. So, I became a certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning as a side gig. It's a real thing. Very real.

I mention the country and horses a lot. I love the city, too, and it's culture - the food, music, art, history that makes it the city that it is.


Visiting the beach is also a necessity. 

I mentioned the record store as best job ever. Working for a venue and helping to create a night of "magic" for artists and guests is an even better job.

Yes, I believe in magic. Horses and music can do that to us.

Words to best describe me: creative, independent, collaborative (you can be both), open-minded, empathetic, visionary, dreamer. Did I mention creative?

I'm an Aquarius. Might explain some of the above.

Thanks for reading! Click below for creative samples and more.

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